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Examining Blood Sample


Benchmark Diagnostics provides expert anatomic pathology services. Our State-of-the- art, certified, histology laboratory is owned and operated by Dr. Arif S. Usmani, a board-certified pathologist. Benchmark offers comprehensive histopathology services for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, gastroenterologists, and other medical specialties.

Our Leadership

Our CLIA-certified anatomic pathology laboratory is directed by Dr. Arif Usmani, a board-certified anatomic, clinical, and dermatopathologist with over 20 years of experience.

Our Commitment 

We are fully committed to delivering 100% client satisfaction and are fully accessible to our clients as a small business partner. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clinicians timely, meaningful, and accurate diagnostic services that correlate and complement their clinical findings, leading to the best possible patient outcome. 

Our Team

Our dedicated team is made up of several Pathologists & Consultants, laboratory personnel and office support staff. 

Scientist using microscope
Chemistry Class


Our Pathologists & Consultants

  • Usmani

  • Turgeon

  • Coverage (Currie)

  • Consultants (McCalmont)

Laboratory Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Colleen Caputa

  • Sandy Mennell

  • Gayle Frimmel

  • Sue Russo


Dr. Usmani
Dr Usmani edited_edited.jpg

Arif S. Usmani, MD.

Founder, Laboratory Director

  • Dr. Usmani Linkedin

Our CLIA-certified anatomic pathology laboratory is directed and led by Dr. Arif Usmani, a board-certified anatomic, clinical, and dermatopathologist with over 20 years of experience


Residency in Rutger's Medical School (UMDNJ)

Fellowship training at The Ohio State University


  • Dermatopathology

  • Anatomic Pathology

  • Clinical Pathology


Authored articles in:

  • Journal of American Academy of Dermatology

  • Journal of Cutaneous Pathology

  • The American Journal of Dermatopathology

  • Dermatologic Surgery


Our Pathologists & Consultants

Dr. Turgeon

Dr. Karen Turgeon, M.D.


Karen L. Turgeon, M.D. has been a member of Associates in Dermatology, Inc. since 1990. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, and her medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL. 

She holds the appointments of Assistant Clinical Professor, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Clinical Dermatology Instructor, Family Practice Residency, Fairview General Hospital.

Dr. Turgeon is board-certified in Dermatology and Dermatopathology. She is also a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, Ohio Dermatologic Association, Cleveland Dermatological Society, American Society of Dermatopathology, Academy of Medicine Cleveland, American Medical Association and the International Society of Dermatopathology.

Dr. Currie
GC -1_edited.jpg

Dr. Gabe Currie


I'm excited to have the privilege of working with Dr. Arif Usmani at Benchmark Diagnostics. I attended Oregon Health and Science University for medical school and did my dermatology residency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I subsequently moved to Dallas, Texas, to do a fellowship in Dermatopathology at The University of Texas Southwestern.  Since the fellowship, I've been able to combine working in both clinical dermatology and dermatopathology. I enjoy and am challenged by getting to experience both direct patient care and getting to the underlying cause from the pathology sample.  

I have a deep understanding of skin conditions and a passion for finding the underlying cause of skin disorders.  I believe in a collaborative approach to patient care and individualizing a care plan for each patient.  

My two daughters keep me happily busy when I'm not at work. I enjoy hiking, playing soccer, and reading in my spare time.   

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