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Doctor and Patient

Our Clients

Dermatologist at Work

We are able to provide diagnostic pathology services to a wide variety of clinicians. 

Our Clients


  • Dr. Arif Usmani provides our dermatopathology services. Dr. Usmani has over 20 years of diagnostic and research experience in dermatopathology. He has two years of dermatopathology fellowship training under two directors with different schools of thought. One followed Bernard Ackerman’s approach to dermatopathology, and the other was trained under Martin C Mihm. Dr. Usmani has authored over 30 papers and abstracts.

  • Dr. Gabe Currie provides his vacation coverage. 

  • Dr. Karen Turgeon provides in-house consultative services. 


  • Benchmark Diagnostics has been offering podiatric pathology services since its inception in 2014. Podiatric specimens are interpreted by our dermatopathologist, Dr. Arif Usmani, who has over 20 years of experience in skin and foot disease.


  • We have ophthalmic pathology experience of over two decades. We mainly deal with biopsies of skin and mucosal pathology of the eyelid.


  • Benchmark Diagnostics has been serving dentists for their pathology needs. Dr. Usmani is not officially trained as an oral pathologist; however, he has been reading oral biopsies for over two decades. We have consultative services provided by Dr. Ivan Stojanov of the University Hospital.

Services to other clinicians include:

  • Gynecologists

  • Genitourinary surgeons.

Slide-prep services are available to

  • Researchers

  • Veterinarians

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Other industries needing a microscopic examination of their material

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